choices. sides. geometry.

Right. Wrong. Black. White.  Circles. Triangles.

These are a few of the things that annoy me. They are HYPOTHETICAL. They are like, not meant to be seen in real life. These function as examples, extremes, so that the intermediate and the vague can be understood in terms of it.

I admire people who can be righteous and I don’t know, save the world or whatever. I just don’t see the point. Who are you saving who from? Nobody’s pure evil. Everybody has motives, feelings, whatever that back them up. To regard something is disregarding the other unless the person chooses to act EXTREMELY -insert negative adjective here-.

But when it’s not about something concrete, something that isn’t going to destroy other somethings, what’s the point? I don’t WANT to choose because I either think both of you aren’t totally horrible or both of you are stupid. I don’t want to.

So.. that’s just what I feel. It’s not wrong.