seasons greetings

it’s raining outside and snowing in my blog.

i’m heading towards progress, but it’s still cluttery with a heck load of obstacles and lack of time.

i’m happy i’m in the midst of it and have the necessary control to turn things around, though. that matters so much, and i wouldn’t have known this last year.

weather, rain .

tomorrow, you think,
as clear skies greet you
yet again,
and the birds chirp,
the sun sets,
the night is cool,
schedules are as set.
tomorrow, you think,
as water drips from above,
and the fan’s in motion
and it’s not enough.
tomorrow, you think,
waiting for the first real spell of rain,
the smell, the taste of it
as it serenades you outside your window
and all you can do is watch,
as it postpones the tests, plans, events,
bringing in chaos, prolonging the silence
you desperately need.
tomorrow, you think,
but it never comes when it’s called.