I’m always at a loss for words lately.

I gesture. I scream. I jump. I mumble. But words? No, I don’t even have that anymore. It’s sad. Even Boyzone’s better off if you know what I mean.

When did it start? When did opening my mouth and speaking feel like a chore? When did I feel annoyed to answer questions? When did small talk start annoying me when I used to know nothing but small talk once upon a time?

It’s stupid but frustration, anger and hopelessness is said to do things to people I guess. It’s more of ‘Why bother?’ than anything else. It’s only when my friend or someone (usually p) points it out in that matter-of-fact, rather rude Oh-You-Suck way that it really becomes something I want to rectify.

Especially since when I do open my mouth, all the wrong things usually come out.

Top 5 ‘phrases’ I’ve used lately:





“I don’t care.”