The laws of the universe- part 1

I’m participating in a debate this afternoon. I know I’m not going to win. It’s not because my six minute interlude is just a point above mediocre and my standard fare. The quality of what you come prepared with does not matter when it’s just one point above mediocre. Several other laws are in operation in the universe. These laws tend to influence the outcome most of the time.

1. When materialistically, everything’s awesome- academically and extra-curricularly, you may suck. It has been a week of cakes, treats, lots of cash and nice books as well of soon-to-arrive-iPads. Winning the debate just does not happen during such circumstances. When there are a lot of ups, there will be a down.

2. When socially, everything is decent, academically and extra-curricularly, you will suck. You cannot have a zillion things going for you at the same time. Exceptions are the pretty things that giggle and screech in the hallways and just-have-to (and will) get amazing grades. Sadly, that balance never stays for me. Socially, you can say things are okay. I mean, I’m in touch with everyone, and have good friends, but it’s been a while since I’ve hung out with my old friends. There’s just too much of college work. Yet, the okay-ness is mostly enough to tip the academic-social-extracurricular balance. (When I’m have too too too much fun though, my grades go doowwn)

3. Academically, when everything is decent, extra-curricularly, you will suck. Yes, a = b + c and b = c when b equals academics and c equals debate-type things. Just when you are doing well in almost everything, you will end up fucking up a debate-type thing and it will bring down your self-esteem, despite the fact that you tell yourself your self esteem and these things are IN NO WAY RELATED.

Yeah. So. It makes sense to at least make a decent blog post out of it, thus making the most of a predictably whatever situation.

Thank you and have a nice day!


Caught Harry Potter yesterday.

Everyone agreed that it could’ve been better. More than anything, the whole experience was ruined for me this time because I was as depressed as hell before, after and during the movie due to other reasons. But I liked the end unlike most people. And the way it was shot was beautiful. Am I the only one who thought Dumbledore said some really weird, awkward things in the middle?

And god. Ginny was so not like how she’s supposed to be. And what’s with the balcony things? I don’t know. It wasn’t very Hogwarts-y. The first three movies got the feel of the book way way better.

Anyway, yeah, you can’t expect such a brilliant, brilliant book to be got exactly right on film. I would’ve probably enjoyed it more if:  a) I hadn’t had to rush from school and join my friends and miss the first two minutes of the movie and b) cared so much about the fact that the person sitting next to me and I had kind of had this mini-Cold-War yesterday.

I guess this year was just not meant to be. Fuzzy-warm-awesome traditions have either vanished or become these iron-clad LAWS. Ridiculous, but true. I miss a lot of things but I guess I shouldn’t brood. People change, things change and the world evolves.

And I shouldn’t be so resitant to the new traditions that are cropping up which feel nice but I just tell myself that they aren’t how things are supposed to be because I’m more attached to some things than I should be.

On the brighter side of things, I have a new fictional character to crush on now:  Severus Snape. Wow. I loved him. I love him. Why did he ever not find some one again?

I can totally relate to him nowadays. I think that’s one grade better than finding myself to be so so much like Lee Fiora from Prep. THAT was depressing.