I’ve been up since morning checking out the NaNo forums and this new poetry forum.

My goals before NaNo? To wrap up everything else I’ve started. Which means this and this. Unfortunately, HLWIT is just getting choppier and cheesier and FaC WANTS to be cliffhanger-y and won’t just end like it’s supposed to. I have only a few chapters to go for both. I NEED to finish it.

Speaking of.. after hearing about the great CreateSpace offer (free proof!!) I am wondering if I should write PPoS this NaNo because IF I win NaNo this year and IF I get to order the free proof and IF my parents tear open the package before I get it.. um, I’ll die of the weird-ness. PPoS contains a shooting, student-teacher relationships and more.  And my other stories are all horrible, fluffy romances.

I don’t think I was ever meant to write anything I could show to my parents, ever. :I Or anyone I know, really.