the best and worst thing about all of it

A few well-placed steps, and I know I can get there.

It’s like when life gives you lemons and you think, eh, I’m on a holiday. I’ll just watch The Blacklist and chill.

Meanwhile, your discipline erodes. The lemons go bad.


A sharp, glassy view

With a soundtrack to die for

I can see everything from here,

My hands poised on the rails-

My voice reluctantly trailing away…

But you can’t see me, no.

Your eyes are trained

To seek the center stage.

But this is where I stand-

Away from the curveballs,

The fights, the gravel,

Away from the scathing commentator-

The torment of heckles, backlashes

From rash, rabid rivals.

This is where I stand-

Safe and sound

There, but never around.

Because I’m too cautious,

Too scared, too weak to be a part of the game

But too invested to stay away.

This is who I am-

A silent, frenzied spectator.