this life.

walk down a hill, watch a balloon fly away, hitch a ride but get lost, there are so many kinds of roses, inspect each and every one until a thorn pricks you, run to the hospital, eat an ice cream, decide you like desert, watch the sun set and the cacti weep, experience sadness for the first time, drive into a dead end, stay there for years, watch the stars as they twinkle and twinkle and strawberry fields and lucy in the sky with…

…go to tiffany’s, get turned down, watch a movie, buy a book, fly a kite, accidentally cut someone off, feel desolate like it’s the end of the world, watch a disaster movie, experience a natural disaster, win and lose and win and lose, always go for ice cream afterwards, look at a rose in water and don’t feel the prick anymore, check your mail for the 377486th time, fail again for the 3646th time, win some he looked so winsome, reread that thread for the 345th time, it fizzles out, change the channel to disney, change it back to 10sports, star movies, rewatch the disaster movie that reminds you of the time you went kite flying, get ready for work, pack your sandwich in a tiffany bag, watch the sun set and the stars twinkle like the last time that feels like only yesterday.

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