Need for 4G

My phone’s pretty much a buzzkill, with YouTube videos that are stuck in buffer mode and pages that take forever to download. It’s great for necessities, but I would love if it had better speed. What would I do with superfast internet speed?

The list is endless. But here is a part of that list:

  • Download episodes of The Flash in a flash
  • Grab all the great Lightning and Time-limited deals in Flipkart and Amazon’s big sales
  • Download movies, so many of them, by theme instead of having to wait 6 hours for one movie to get downloaded
  • Have the patience to check out way more YouTube artists
  • I will no longer have to change YouTube video settings to 144p to have a better chance in watching it soon, sans buffering issues
  • Save up on bandwidth, by streaming rather than downloading songs I’m not too crazy about
  • Never miss out on a first-day-first-show movie booking, since the online booking process will happen that much faster
  • It will be so much easier to get through the course videos on, where the amount of time it takes for videos to stream, thanks to my internet, is off putting
  • Skype calls have a better chance of working out
  • WiFi hotspots can be an actual, instead of an emergency option
  • DropBox and WeTransfering files won’t take half a day

It sounds frivolous, but it’s essential. No one watches TV anymore, or reads the newspaper, or listens to songs on the radio, the radio on the radio, or calls using their phone balance… all of it, and more, is found and accessed on the World Wide Web. So much so that there are joke-pictures of Maslow’s needs hierarchy with WiFi/Superfast data listed at the top of the hierarchy. I remember this one time, when the internet was extra slow, and I looked around frantically, wondering what was next. Or when I had to watch a documentary, or video for college immediately, but the video would take ages to stream. I had to watch it in five minute breaks, scribbling notes in-between, as the buffer line moved at a ridiculously slow pace.

Skype conferences and Google Hangouts, too, are the easiest ways to connect people from all over. When the video chat freezes, or voices begin to break up, it completely ruins the point of the conversation. With super speed, so many roadblocks on the way are suddenly nonissues.


I didn’t think that day would come by so fast. But here it is, racing to your doorstep, thanks to Airtel’s 4G services that come with a free home delivery of 4G SIM. Or you could even hashtag your way to it, with a #GetAirtel4G tweet. And at the price of 3G. 

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