I’ve forgotten what that word means. I’ve forgotten how it feels to see the cuckoo hopping four times out of the beaten clock, light streaming from the backdrop.

iTunes U getting downloaded in the iPad.

An empty plate with bread crumbs and remnants of a Belgian chocoshot.

Two books, and Game of Thrones not far away from my pillow.

My phone, careless strewn around, in a cheap and colourful plastic case.

My eyes, alert rather than dazed, the early morning hours feeling like a continuation of the previous night.

Make words, not.

Where did all the words go?

They were sitting here at dawn; rearranging themselves with time, age, and wisdom. I let them go, over an angsty fight. They followed me back into the study hall, where studying was imperative and musing in text was not. Nevertheless, I texted you.

They died while I cried fresh tears of disappointment, then hurt, then realisation. They cried when I sighed, as they were repeatedly ground. They stopped meaning things. They stopped sounding how they were supposed to feel.

Where did all the words go?

Where did we go?

Keepin’ it fresh!

It’s another Friday night at the same dance floor. Disco lights kiss the floor in a flash before they project on the wall, and then your face. You take a tired selfie of you making a fish face, then a glam bored face and then a pouty face. Your face is bathed in red, and then yellow and then blue lights, and your just-styled hair cascades down your shoulders. None of this is new to you. You’ve done it every Friday.

Your hips move to the music, but the music is too familiar. It’s the same old beats and strings and more beats, the vibe varying from pop to retro to electro. Thank god you downed that gin and tonic. It’s the only thing that lets you let loose.

“Heyyy,” a familiar acquaintance from work yells, spotting you in the throng as she pushes everyone in her way. She jumps up and down hugging you. The last time you’d seen her was…yesterday.

More fake enthusiasm, fake smiles and fake faces for #keepinitreal #tgif #nofilter selfies. Twenty two Likes on Instagram later, she’s introducing you to her friends. You do a quick scan for someone cute, but you’re disappointed. You exchange pleasantries and then you’re back on your own.

Five bops, twenty six head shakes and three self conscious sways later, you’re back at the bar area, wondering what else to drown your boredom in. And that’s when the mood shifts.

You don’t realise it at first. It’s the same old emcee introducing another performance by another artist…artists…art…

Two tentative sips later, you look up, and you see two very young, very hip performers take the center stage. They seem familiar, but you are too dazed to place them. The old track fades out, and Performer 1 takes over, her impassioned vocals feeding the crowd! Aaah, your mind’s not crowded and all over the place anymore. Your focus is singular: on the feeling in her voice and the underlying melody. Performer 2 is dancing -wait, is that the Telugu actor Allu Arjun?- and there’s a sparkle in his eye that’s infectious.

The crowd joins them, the lethargy in the air thinning with every chant and step. You’re back in the dance floor, matching his moves, even if yours is nowhere as skilled as his, and you feel alive! You haven’t felt like this in days!

You place both of these lovely people: she’s Anushka Machanda and he’s Allu Arjun. And together, they bring the house down.

Is this what a fresh, energetic performance does to people? You’re so pumped up, and no longer inhibited! You jump up and down, matching the rhythm of the music, your hands in the air. Your hair is all over the place, beads of sweat run down your back, but you feel free and lively and confident. When they’re done, you’re not ready to let them go just yet. The crowd erupts into a cheer. Encore!

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Simple, no-nonsense tips for good skin

Beauty is only skin deep. I’ve always believed that being comfortable under my own skin is all that matters. But to have unhealthy skin, that’s no excuse.

I had the most annoying persistent pimple once. It took over half my nose and wouldn’t.go.away. It was never just that it changed my face. It was also about how it felt: not very good. I guess it didn’t help that I’m already pretty insecure, but it completely made me feel out of control. Here was this thing that wouldn’t go away, no matter what I did: a warm cloth over it, a cool cloth over it, staring at it weepy-eyed… It was also a symptom of all the junk food I was eating and how little I took care of myself.

But here’s the deal: unhealthy skin is not something anyone has to live with. It is aggravated by unhealthy diet, hygiene, lifestyle and environment. Having good skin involves reversing a the junk-food-eatin’ idling-in-front-of-the-tv way of life; which is, in turn, a sure fire recipe to feeling good.

You don’t need foundation to make blemishes go away. You don’t need cosmetic products to manufacture a “natural” glow, or even a facial. All that’s needed is consistent good health. Here are some of the natural no-nonsense tips I followed when my face started to spot up:

-Eating right

Fresh vegetables. Fruits. Every day. I didn’t completely cut out junk food, I can’t, but I made sure I didn’t stock up too much of junk food during the trips I made to the supermarket. When there was less junk food to eat, I ate less of it. I wasn’t going to make another trip for a refill. I am too lazy.

I also started drinking a lot of water, lot more than I usually drink. A close friend of mine suggested that I make sure there was a jar of water in my room every day, so my laziness wouldn’t come in the way of drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. She also asked me to buy a fancy goblet to drink water in, which did work! It made drinking water more fun, somehow.

-Sleeping right

The dark circles were less prominent and I looked less tired when I made up my mind to fall asleep by midnight in the month of December. Long nights always made me look tired

-Washing my face twice a day

I was always negligent in this. I’d go out, soak in the humidity and pollutants and not do anything about it. Washing my face in the evenings, after a long day, didn’t just make my face less spotty, but also made me feel more energetic.


I didn’t have to join a gym. Instead, on my way back from my internship, I made it a point to get down one bus stop before my actual bus stop. I’d walk the rest of the way home, which was enough to make me feel pumped up! And physical exercise does wonders for the skin.

Simple, but easily neglected ways of life that I now swear by.

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