#StartANewLife: The Leap

It was three hours away, this new world I was going to move into. I had no idea what it looked like. I’d only heard about it, through a senior. And I was going to do my Masters degree there, after much deliberation of the pros and cons of various other places. It was three hours away, and I was going to live away from home for the first time ever.

There was apprehension, but there was also excitement. I had heard different stories about hostel life: the lack of privacy, the need to be careful, but also the feeling of family, the fun and the independence one got. Actually living it was a whole different thing, though. Nothing could’ve prepared me for it. There was so much freedom, hidden under the belt of responsibility. There was so much freedom, I wanted to use it well. There was so much I learned: from cleaning my room, riding a cycle (I’d never taking off the training wheels as a kid) and from the people, people who were so different from my friends back home.

I learned to trust these people, and when I got to know them better, I didn’t regret the decision to let them in. I loved the cycle rides, the extra classes we signed up for ranging from Spanish to Taekwando… I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair as I learned to let go, and just be. Without the context my previous life gave me, I started to discover who I really was.

Towards the end of my second year, we went beyond the campus. We started exploring the city, its gazillion amazing eat outs and craft shops. My room felt like my own, as I’d hung up a poster of a tree that I could lean against; a poster my senior had passed on to me. My roommates knew me inside out, knew every triviality of my life, and that didn’t fill me with a fear or insecurity that it might’ve once resulted in. I started having opinions. I started thinking for myself, though there were also moments when I got so tired, I did go with what everyone else was doing.

My two years are nearly up, and I’ll be out of this campus soon. This apparent rosy picture has had its black spots, but it’s still been great. I can recall a hundred happy moments and perhaps more here. It was a leap, moving into a completely new place, but it was a leap that changed me in a way I’ll never regret. The people, the places, my room, the trees and the cool breeze and the burger shop on campus: in each of these places, I discovered a tiny part of who I am right now.


This post is a part of the #StartANewLife activity by Housing.com


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