A Quick Post about Quikr: Why Chat trumps Phone Calls

I’ve already blogged about my experience with Quikr, a site that matches the buyer with his/her ideal seller, and vice versa. One cool thing about Quikr that I may not have highlighted is that the whole transaction can take place without a single phone call. Instead, you can get all your queries resolved via chat or email. While the phone sometimes feels like a quicker mode of communication, chat trumps calling in a number of ways. Here are some of the advantages I found in the course of purchasing products via Quikr:

1. You can contact the seller at any time. When I wanted to purchase a beanbag, for instance, I found time to search for one only after 10PM. This wouldn’t have been a great time to call the seller to ask for further details. And the urgency would’ve died if I’d waited till a better time. Thankfully, the chat function made things much easier. I was able to make an offline inquiry. I got a reply within hours- something that would’ve gotten delayed if I’d had to call.

2. You have a written record of the interaction. This is perfect, especially when you need to keep track of prices. You can also make multiple inquiries with ease and compare the deals against each other. I would’ve definitely had a harder time remembering which deal was where and more if it hadn’t been via chat.

3. It’s cost effective and affords more privacy. Chatting is definitely cheaper, especially when you’re purchasing multiple items. It’s less draining, phone-balance-wise. Also, it’s much more private, especially in the age of True Caller and Whatsapp.

These, in a nutshell, are the reasons why Quikr’s chat feature is a plus and improvement over phone inquiries alone. Of course, it’s not like phone inquiries are completely eliminated; though they can, if you are dead against them. After the initial inquiries, based on the responses and how authentic the deals felt, I could confirm the buy via call if I wanted to. I did appreciate that this wasn’t the only way out, though; you can never be too careful.

Ask me a year back if I would’ve considered a site where most of the purchases were second hand and I would’ve been skeptical. With Quikr, though, you’re able to wade through such skepticism and get that really great buy that saves you a fortune. I bought an external harddrive, for instance, that was as good as new (only one month old, barely used) through just one chat inquiry. The price wasn’t fixed, it was subject to bargaining, and to a greater extent, it was possible to judge the authenticity of the deal with greater ease this way. I still preferred to confirm the whole thing through a call from my landline, but the chat feature helped narrow it down till that point.

This post is a part of IndiBlogger’s Happy Hours activity, courtesy Quikr.