Review: Getting Lucky with Lucky 6

Getting lucky has never been this easy, screams the tagline of Lucky 6. A product of Fat Cat gaming, this game is the equivalent of a digital lottery ticket that’s as recalcitrant as… the stock market.

No, really.

Since Google does not permit “reward based” games on its Play Store, even if it’s a free App… downloading this game from the site was a bit of a pain. This might prevent a lot of potential users from accessing the App. Once something takes an undue amount of effort in the App world, giving up is just easier (like how my Candy Crush days ended when I was unable to sync my levels with my Facebook account).

However, once I did manage to get the tiny Fat Cat icon on my home screen, the sign up process was smooth. Pretty soon, I had an account and pass code to the App; a thoughtful safeguard against kids, teens and anyone who wasn’t me tampering with my three ticket opportunities of the day. As for what the App or these “tickets” are all about, here’s the the brief version of what it takes to have Lady Luck possibly smiling on you:

Step 1: Download the App.
Step 2: Are you 18 years old? You are? Cool. Let’s proceed.
Step 3: Choose 6 brands from what looks like a never ending list of favorites ranging from Apple, Facebook to Balaji Telefilms and Ebay. This generates a ticket. You have upto three tickets per day.
Step 4: In around 24 hours, how you’ve done will be determined based on if your brands are the highest gainers of the day. If they are, well… the goodies up for grabs will take you straight to materialistic heaven! Otherwise, there’s always the next day. Or the one after that!

The Lucky 6 game is one of the games in the Fat Cat App. The other one is called QuizApp, and pops a question at you rather than an opportunity to block a set of 6 brands. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. There are pictures next to each brand of the list, and an option to know a little more about them before you take your pick. You can see the scores next to your tickets once you have made your choices. Sharing the app with friends and family pays off, since it’s built around the concept of Crowdfunding.

Since I’m not even close to a stock junkie, I’m not really sure how much tailing the stock market will get you in this game. But since it is marketed as a DigiLottery, I guess you never know what’s in store.

Lucky 6 has a fair chance of being a hit in the Indian market. Who doesn’t want to get lucky?

However, the tedious round-about process involved in downloading the App and that it takes at least six “random” tickets for the player to even get a hang of how they want to play the game may deter even a potential user from subscribing to it. Also, for people who aren’t into brands or stocks, it’s akin to playing Minesweeper when you’re bored (analogy does not apply if you’re one of those rare people who actually knows how to play it)… and when despite seeing the game in your computer all these years and even Googling it, you don’t know what you’re doing. It doesn’t stop you from celebrating when by chance, you kill it and you can see those red flags decorate the screen but chances are that you’d rather play Pinball Arcade, or anything with a more definite aim.

My initial experiences were pretty random (my scores averaged around 200, and I pretty much picked what looked good to me). I’m not sure if I’m even the target audience for this App. However, I can see how for some people, it can get pretty addicting!

Verdict: For lottery-ticket addicts and brand-lovers, Lucky 6 is a pretty decent way to kill time without getting broke and maybe, finally, hit jackpot!

This post is a part of the Indiblogger Happy Hours activity, courtesy Lucky 6


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