Review: TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo + Conditioner

Good hair is something a lot of people lay claim to. Not me.

For me, EVERY DAY is a bad hair day. And I have those one or two good hair days. My hair just can’t seem to decide if it wants to be straight or wavy. And more than that, it’s in a state of perpetual frizz.

In many ways, I do the minimum when it comes to hair care… shampooing, conditioning, and that’s it. So I can’t expect miracles.

Every day is a bad hair day

Where TRESemme came in

Towards the end of this semester, I’d grown out my hair. It looked pretty, if you ignored the frizziness and split ends. But thanks to the split ends/frizz, I couldn’t even let it down.

Then I came across the chance to get hold of TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner for review. It came with the tagline- “endings should never be cut short”; claiming that 96% of split ends would be rescued in just three washes. It also said that the findings were based on a lab test, involving daily use.

Why not? I thought. I wasn’t that crazy about cutting my hair all over again. “Getting used to” the bangs that you swear you’ll never ask for again and what not is a pain.

The TRESemme Experience

Okay, no miracle happened.

The sample consisted of one shampoo and one conditioner bottle. They came in a pretty black pouch; but were compactly and sturdily packaged.

First wash: I liked the creaminess of the shampoo and the feel of the conditioner. The shampoo is incredibly foamy, lathers really well and leaves your hair silkier looking, definitely. Also lessens the frizz. It didn’t drastically alter anything but it did make my hair cooperate a little more. It also has a perfume-y smell, sort of like bubblegum.

Third wash: Great lather and shine, but still no improvement on the split ends. I have no idea if it helped control any split ends but it definitely didn’t help in reducing existing split ends.

A month or more later: Done with the shampoo bottle. No improvement on split ends. While it didn’t get any worse, it didn’t contribute to any improvement either. The ends of my hair still looked noticeably frayed and uncared for. I finally decided to go get my hair cut already, ’cause it was about time.

Bottomline: TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner does a lot to enhance the shine and silkiness your hair. But what it did for the frizz, it failed to do for the split ends.

This post is an entry for the TRESemme Split Remedy contest; as a part of IndiStuff


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