Blogadda Contest Entry: #Matched

An experience of IPL craze told in third-person narrative to fit with my Boy/Girl series; for the Star Sports IPL 2014 BlogAdda Activity:


Saturday night was date night and the very thought of it gave Boy the jitters. It was the night of the most exciting IPL match yet and he absolutely- abso-freaking-lutely had to watch this in front of his wide-screen home TV. But what would Girl think? He couldn’t possibly give cricket as an excuse for cancelling on her!

“You boys and your cricket,” she might say, with that disdainful frown.

Worse, if he made it to dinner, he would somehow offend her when he subtly checked for live updates mid-conversation. Their live-streaming feature and simultaneous access to recaps was addictive. Whywhywhywhy did the match have to fall on the same day? He should’ve figured this out earlier and cancelled much beforehand.

“Say you’re sick,” Friend A said, having absolutely no confusion on the issue. “It’s The Match, man.”

“I’ll text you updates, da.” another said, appearing to be benevolent. “For fifty bucks.”

What if, by cancelling on her because of the IPL match, she launched into a tirade against Men and Their Ways? The last thing he wanted to do was perpetuate stereotypes. Could he have an emergency? Could his parents whisk him away to some far off place? But lies never remained hidden. Augh!

Finally, seeing no way out, Boy dialed her number, every digit making him wince:

“Hello?” she said.

“Hey, uh,” he paused, feeling extremely awkward. “Are we still going out for dinner? Saturday night?” He hoped against hope that something would’ve come up on her end.

“Yeah!” she said a bit too quickly, and brightly- making him feel extremely guilty. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Why wouldn’t we be going?”

“Um,” he said, feeling worse. Deep breath. Slow-motion-stills of stumps flying in the air filled his head. “Um, the thing is-”

“Yeah?” she said. “Sorry, I mean… go on!”

“It’s… the match… the match is tomorrow and…”

“You want to postpone?”

“Yeah,” he said. Postpone. Yess. Postpone sounded much better than cancel.

“Thankgod!” she breathed, finally sounding relaxed. “I didn’t want to miss the match either! I’m so glad you didn’t feel like you could miss it too! I need to watch every play at home. In front of my TV, you know?”

There was warmth in their laughter. Thank god for the mutual-IPL-craze. They were going to be a good match, indeed!

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