Blogadda Contest Entry: #IPLTales

This is a story of extreme cricket craziness, an Android App, a city of fans, the TV set that went from Idiot Box to Most Prized Possession overnight and some mad bicycling skills!

IPLTalez #KannaKeepKalm

The evening of a Pepsi IPL match -Chennai Super Kings versus Mumbai Indians-, a bunch of us were lounging at the beach. The pseudo witty banter had reached its peak and the match was in the corner of all of our minds. I was watching replays of the earlier matches on Star’s Android App on my pretty yellow phone. I loved how they made important plays easily viewable and accessible. They made for neat recaps. I was also completely dependent on their live-streaming feature. CSK had it in the bag, didn’t they? History would repeat, surely?

I had placed bets with my Royal-Challengers-supporting cousins on CSK. They wanted Mumbai Indians to win so badly.

If we lost, I had to buy myself a pair of new, non-orange shoes. I wasn’t ready to give up on my vice of wearing the oldest, ugliest pair of shoes so easily.

And then, before the clock struck eight, the unthinkable happened—

I swore out loud, breaking up the mundane conversation on who should get back together with whom. My phone had lost charge! How could I have forgotten to charge it?

“Stupid,” I said out loud, provoking shrieks of laughter and insults from my friends. “Phone? Anyone?”

But no one had recharged their data pack. I was the one who usually gave all the cricket updates. Now, they would miss out on a chunk of the match too. It was 7:40PM. I couldn’t just sit there! I decided to cycle all the way back home. More bets on whether I would reach on time were placed. I was becoming the source of entertainment.

8:07PM: I was still in transit. Traffic jams! Eurgh!

“What’s the score?” I yelled near the bend of the road leading to my house, in sheer frustration.

A man peering into his phone poked his head out of the auto and gave me the much-needed-update! My mother was flabbergasted to see me drenched in sweat when I reached home but I raced past her to the already-switched-on-TV-set. Star Sports was blaring and the commentator’s voice felt like music to my ears.

I knelt in front of the TV, a wide grin plastering my face and my heartbeat quickened with every ball! Everything –EVERYTHING- that had led to that moment was completely and totally worth it; just to watch the game, the people who played it and the people who loved it as much as I did on one wide screen!

(And spoiler alert: My “ugly” orange shoes remained unreplaced!)

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