two dimensional memories

When I was still in school, I was a naiver, happier, carefree, embarrassingly uninhibited and cheesy version of who I am now. I call her Two-Dimensional Me. After excavating the Fossil… that is, my orkut profile starring Two-Dimensional Me I also realised…

Things were simple for 2D-Me.

What defined me wasn’t so hard to live up to: dumbness, ditziness and good naturedness.

I didn’t have goals beyond eating, watching movies and reading.

I didn’t have to. I had dreams instead. And plenty of years before they fell through.

I was less cynical. I was practically a cartoon character.

My life was colourful. Incredibly stupid and tangential but colourful.

I miss 2D-Me. She gives me nothing but good vibes and muffled laughter.

I’m still happy I’m Me now. Despite every insecurity I was blind to coming to the surface, feeling mildly neurotic most times and lacking the warmth 2D-Me possessed… I suspect she serves me better as a glossy memory. 2D-Me was a lovely person but she lacked depth and didn’t think beyond the next day. I wonder if not switching schools would’ve led to a more mature 2D-Me… but at the same time, I’m glad I had hoops to jump over and things aren’t that easy okay that’s bullshit.



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