Protest Against Smelly Stubble activity: A Prickly Letter from Girl to Boy (#epistolarystory, Blogadda Contest entry)

Epistolary Story

Dear Boy,


So your friends heckle at your hairless face

Call you chocolate boy, mamma’s boy, basket case…

So you have decided to grow out that beard

Let the stubble tickle and spear

What’s left of us?


Now the friends call you rockstar!

The groupies tug at your shirt

Only I see it drain

what’s left of your mirth.

The stubble grates against everything,

It sticks to your face,

It adds to the heat,

It cuts against my cheek.

It makes you hot-headed,

Miss a beat

while you scratch the itch

Near your cheek.


Boy, if you’re not done,

I am. For

I hate that smelly stubble!

that makes you look older

but no wiser

strange, but no quirkier

lazy, but no nicer.


You have said:

judge me not by my looks

i’m a man, it’s manly

the resemblance to a crook

it’s not uncanny

How am I judging your looks

when I cannot see your face?

How is it manly

to ignore what’s sanitary?

How do I ignore the haunting

daunting, extra weight

it adds to your face?


I love you, Boy

I really do

It’s just really

I hate that smelly stubble

that is not a part of you

and definitely not

a part of that gorgeous face 🙂




This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda



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