Protest Against Smelly Stubble activity: A *Rough* Encounter (Blogadda Contest Entry)

Protest Against Smelly Stubble

As Murphy’s Law would have it, Boy bumped into Girl at the market of all places, when he was looking his absolute worst.

You see, Boy hadn’t shaved for days. He had been slummin’ it and as a result, the prickly, sweaty hairs on his face had gotten in the way of his niece snuggling up to him, eating breakfast and now saying hello to The Girl He Liked without dying of mortification. He could see Girl fighting against the urge to cringe.

HER: Um, uh. Are you okay? Are you sick? Is everything alright? You look-
HIM: Uh, no- uh, I’m in a play! Yes… I’m…
HER: Oh! Um, that’s-
HIM: Igottago.

Boy raced past Girl to the nearest store, leaving Girl absolutely confused. 

HIM [to the shopkeeper]: Razors please! How many? I don’t care, all of them! Do you have a restroom?

Minutes later:

GIRL [picking up her phone]: Hello?

HIM: Where are you?
HER: Just leaving. Are you okay?

And then Girl caught sight of Boy exiting the opposite store. A little shaken, with that goofy smile, wearing those annoying orange shoes… but looking like… looking like him. For me?

"His clean shaven look bowled her over"

His clean shaven look bowled her over.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda



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