Chilling with the Mintz: ITC’s mint-o Ultramintz

I got back home from Uni for the weekend to find two boxes of ITC’s mint-o Ultramintz waiting for me! I’d called home ahead of time to tell my parents that it would be coming (courtesy the Blogadda Product Review Program) but my kid brother had already torn through the personalised packaging (tied together with a bow and everything) by then. Nevertheless, the boxes themselves were exquisite, especially for a box of mints!!

Ultramintz box

My first look of the mint-o ultramintz 🙂

opening the mintz

Opening the box of mintz! It’s like the mints have a throne of their own 🙂

And… *drumroll*

ultramintz- one's just enough!

You CAN have just one (at a time). And it’s an ultra-refreshing peppermint high!

A quick overview

mint-O Ultramintz, by ITC mint-o, is in the new class of premium and sugar-free mints laced with peppermint oil imported from France, powered by unimaginable cooling compounds and encased in a designer case. Priced at INR50 and containing 60 pellets, it’s refreshing mints targeted at the calorie conscious!

And I thought they were


As you can see from the pictures, the mints are tiny and pretty but that does not mean you need to pop in more than one at a time to get a dose of the promised minty freshness! ITC mint-o definitely takes the phrase “power mints” seriously as these are ULTRA cool, ULTRA powerful and ULTRA refreshing in flavour!

One lone mint made me feel energised and “cool headed” in the literal sense. It melted in my tongue, leaving a pepperminty cool aftertaste that felt Despite being targeted towards diabetics and the weight conscious, I think being sugar-free doesn’t make it any less appealing to the rest of the crowd! I liked the no-nonsense not-so-all-over-the-place taste that was far cleaner and nicer than that of the fruity mints I’m used to living on.

Another thing that really appealed to me about the ultramintz was the packaging! I’m a huge believer in good packaging… I will sometimes pick a pretty-looking okay-tasting carton of juice over a decent-tasting moderately-priced yet sloppy-font bearing carton of juice… so, the packaging is a huge deal for me! The designer case is great to look at and is small enough to fit in the front pouch of my bag or my pocket… so it’s handy and savvy. It’s something brand-conscious me would be happy to own, as ridiculous as that sounds. I can also imagine surviving a long dreary day of continuous one hour classes or a heavy-on-masala meal with just one ultramintz pellet! Unlike the Lays slogan, you can survive on just one -at a time, mind you- and when it comes to mints, it’s a good thing as it means it’s long lasting in effect and flavour.

One sort-of drawback is the pricing. Probably because I might not fall under the target market… but I do not think I will want to spend 50 bucks on mints, even if it’s 60 pellets of premium tastefully packaged power mints. Nevertheless, I might just pick it up when I’m in a mood for overindulgence and frivolity because it’s pretty darn addicting and refreshing!

Buy it

  • If you’re on the lookout for power mints that will make your head feel like the inside of a refrigerator!
  • If you’re sugar conscious, and on the look out for a sugar-free mint option.
  • If you want to buy the classiest mints encased in a tasteful tin that’ll feel great to carry.
Courtesy: Ultramintz Facebook Page Harry Potter promo references always make me happy :) Definitely looks like he's "taking a chill pill", doesn't he?

Courtesy: Ultramintz Facebook Page
Harry Potter promo references always make me happy 🙂 Definitely looks like he’s “taking a chill pill”, doesn’t he?


I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.


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