happy 10th anniversary, THE OC!

My thoughts after reading: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/05/the-oc-10th-anniversary-josh-schwartz_n_3705457.html

The OC is the prime example of a show capturing a world where even the Pool House feels like this ultimate haven, the characters are much funnier, have much more fun, are much much prettier and “airbrushed” and so many shades of perfect than in real life: whether it is perfectly endearing (hello, seth cohen) or perfectly fucked up (marissa cooper’s life).

either way, perfect ensures that there is this degree of intensity and exhilaration to all of it that I haven’t managed to replicate in real life. The incredibly homey indie soundtracks only enhance the highs and the lows of their picture perfect world.

I’m listening to Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur, visualising Ryan Atwood’s car ride with Sandy back to Chino… of course he doesn’t go back to Chino for good… his life is going to change. There’s going to be getting locked up in a MALL, two brilliant yet vulnerable girls in his life, quips by the adorkable Seth Cohen, Chrismukkah, significant first exchanges, meta references, heartbreak and so, so, much more.

I was a seventh standard kid when I watched the first episode of The OC. It was one of the first non-sitcom TV shows I was introduced to and reliving those moments never fails to make me teary. Near perfection maybe a myth but it is escapism at its finest.