Candy Crushed

I “discovered” Candy Crush Saga developed by King on a random trip to the App Store. Cute candies, a spree of connecting 3s and 4s and 5s, watching striped candies thaw rows of frosties and the colour bombs wreck delicious havoc… a temporary but fun fad, right? With side effects of a mild sugar rush for the sugar crushed.

Um, right.

There was nothing temporary about this fad. It’s still ongoing.

I guess the kind of connect 3 game you like (diamond dash, candy crush, and the rest) says something about you. I’m a compulsive reader with a sweet tooth. Candy Crush Saga gave me mindblowing graphics of the mouth-watering candies, a cute storyline with its puppet-style appeal and surprisingly hard to crack levels!

It’s also the only App where I don’t feel the need to mute the music. The music completely goes with the game, especially with the “bring the ingredients to the bottom” levels where the tune/beats remind me of a quirky but mellow Chef setting. In the home page, the music is very fairytale-esque with a hint of mystery! Very fitting with the presence of a candy factory, lemonade lake, bubblegum bridge, salty canyon and chocolate mountains; which you explore as you crack various puzzles and move on to successive episodes!

Sounds like silly and juvenile fun? It’s really not.

I was stuck in level 29 for days. With the social networking twist, I had to BEG my friends on Facebook to accept my request to let them let me cross over to the next episode post-level 35. My friends then proceeded to get addicted to this impossibly sweet game!


I’m in level 97 now and I have been stuck on it for quite a while. There are time bombs in this episode but the slippery chocolate is absent and not missed. I’m racking my brains to make enough candied combinations that amount to 100000 points before I’m out of moves. It’s great when I’m playing… I feel like I’m sucked into this ultimate candy factory. I can almost taste the lemon drop!

I guess it’s a good thing that after your 5 lives are out, there’s a 30 minute wait before you can play again (unless you prefer to pay real $$s or hammer your friends with more requests to send you an extra life). It’s mildly frustrating but it keeps you from playing every minute of the day.

What If: I Could Chat With Anyone, Anywhere

I love what if questions! It lets my imagination soar till there’s no longer an if and you feel like it’s happening. On a completely unrelated but related note Twitter is great, right? You can legally stalk celebs and RT them and tweet them and squeal like there’s no tomorrow if they ACTUALLY tweet back (“OMG you acknowledge my existence! You know how much I love you”)… and if they follow you back, you instantly take a screenshot and put in a folder labelled Positive Strokes! so that you can grin about it for the rest of your life! Right? RIGHT?

Of course the stakes would be higher and the situation would be even more squeal-worthy; my heart thuds just IMAGINING it if THIS were the what if situation:

What if you could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group?

Emoticon response to the What If

I recently downloaded the WeChat App for my iPad and LOVE how easy it is to connect with people from my address book via audio, video, photo and text mediums! And the emoticons: some of them LITERALLY jump out at you. I would probably (but hopefully not) scare off the chosen five six people with too many of them! For instance,

Fun Emoticons on WeChat

Hi ^_^

So a WeChat group would accommodate my incessant squealing (in audio!), emoticons that describe responses I cannot put to words *looks above*, quick photos taken on the go and ALMOST face-to-face wholesome conversations with a video chat segment! Who are the unlucky six that would make it to my Dream WeChat group?

1. JK Rowling: Because she made my childhood what it was with the Harry Potter series! She’s also such a humble, giving, respectable and compassionate person. I would want to thank her for the difference she’s made in my life. She taught me about the power of love and sacrifice, brought magic into my life with Hogwarts, set a great example about what friendship was all about and made me want to read more and write more!

I would want to ask her more about the moments when she was writing the first Harry Potter book, before it became such a gigantic bestseller… about what made her keep writing, if she knew Harry Potter was it and what makes her continue writing now. Why won’t she write another Potter book based on The Marauders? Is she truly done with Potter? What does she think it takes to churn out a bestseller that captures the world’s imagination?

JK Rowling- Dream WeChat Convo With

Me to JK Rowling: WeChat after all this time? Dream Response: Always. ❀

2. Holden Caulfield: When I was fifteen and an angstier version of me, I read The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. Though most people find Holden, the protagonist of this coming of age story, to be annoying, I could really connect with his thought processes that really came alive in the stream-of-consciousness writing style. I could relate to wanting to run away from everything and switching it up with a couple of days in NYC (who wouldn’t, right?) and the succeeding themes of innocence tore me up.

After reading the book, I wished Holden was a terribly good friend of mine who I could call up and just hang out with. Underneath everything, his dislike for “phonies” included, he was a thoughtful and intelligent boy (who was pretty good looking <3). I’d love to have a conversation with him about everyday things like life, homework, college or whatever just to get that classic teenager’s viewpoint, you know? And I wonder what he’d think about Harry Potter and what he would have to say to JKR as well.

3. Barney Stinson from the TV series How I Met Your Mother: Because he is LEGEN-WAIT FOR IT- DARY! Because his laws of life are out of this world πŸ˜‰ He’d totally keep the conversation going, probably get a little bored ’cause the group chat is mostly full of dudes but not leave without sprinkling it with Barneyisms akin to the ALWAYS uplifting: “Whenever I’m sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome instead!”

WeChat: Response to Barneyisms

Automatic response to Barneyisms (:

4. Varun Agarwal of How I Braved Anu Aunty And Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company fame! Because braving the Anu aunties is a big deal in India and having taken up an unconventional (by Indian standards) course, I’m still fighting that battle! His life tips would totally complement the Barneyisms and I’m sure Holden and I would benefit, at the least πŸ˜‰

5. Anne Frank: Because she was a smart girl, so full of life and hopes and dreams who died too young. Does she know her diary is read by people all over the world now? And that it’s positively inspirational? Is she okay with that (people reading her diary)? I’m sure we would have a lot to ask her, and she would have a lot to ask everybody else.

6. The Sorting Hat: That’s allowed, right? The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter can talk and everything so… I’m sure we’d all like to know which house we belong to! And more about the maker of the Hat, what sort of spells and charms were used on him and if he’d think up of a Sorting song just for the chat! We’d give him one year’s notice and everything.
WeChat with the Sorting Hat
SORTING HAT: I’ll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me.
Dream Audio-Response from Barney Stinson: Challenge… ACCEPTED πŸ˜€
Seven (yours truly included) people from different walks of life. One epic group chat!
We’d talk about life and death and muggle hopes and dreams! There will be Sorting, witticisms, lifeisms, laughs, never-before-asked questions, thoughts on events that happened before/after their time and more! It will be your everyday conversation with six extraordinary people: a group chat I will definitely take a zillion screenshots of and save in my FAQ and NBAQ (never-before-asked-questions) For LIFE folder! Giving a literal meaning to WeChat’s contest tagline:
WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!
NOTE: Emoticon screenshots taken courtesy some of my conversations on WeChat
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