Shave or Crave: Story of Boy and Girl (BlogAdda Contest Entry)


It started like most love stories. Boy meets Girl in Random Scenic Location. It’s love at first sight! She’s pretty, has great hair which she flips constantly and is ever so coy. He lets his lame jokes act as a cover for his nervousness and is cute even with the hint of stubble on his chin.


And then came the weeks of harmless flirting and beating around the bush.

HIS FRIENDS: Macha! Go get her da!
HER FRIENDS: He’s okay types. He would be cute if he didn’t hide behind all that facial hair, you know? Eek.
HER: But I like him. So much. His eyes speak to me.

Um. Right. Then they run into each other more often than normal due to situations manufactured by their friends.

HER: Hi.
HIM: Hi.

Scene 3


HIM: Will you go out with me?
HER: I do… er, I mean, yes! A million times yes!

He takes her to a cute restaurant with candles and mouthwatering desserts. But she’s not hungry. She’s too smitten with him to be. Her stomach churns with anticipation.

They walk home in silence.

HER: I had a good time!
HIM: Um, hehe me too man. I had a great time. You… you look amazing tonight.

She inches closer. The air is crisp. His face glows in the moonlight. The moment couldn’t be more perfect.

Then his beard tickles her cheek… she giggles. Then the stubble… oh, the stubble…

Scene 4

Just like that, it’s over.

HER: Um, it’s not me, it’s you. It’s so you. And my bruised cheek!

Boy, I hope you’ll learn to crave or shave! Stubble is so not in anymore.

Every “give me another chance” text, note and status update of his was met with a picture of razors and photos of clean shaven men Whatsapped/twittered/MMSed to him. The message was clear.



And Boy thought… if that’s all it takes to make things right again, why not?

Scene 5

And so, smart man that he was, Boy got a happily ever after!

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