On knowledge and attitudes towards nuclear energy and more

As the Final Sem comes nearer and nearer to ending once and for all, there’s also so much work that needs to be done right. I’m still undecided on my case study but I have gotten started on my survey. The survey is supposed to be environmentally related. Mine is on Knowledge, Awareness and Attitudes Towards Nuclear Energy.

Given the two completely different takes on the Kudankulan issue (CLICK HERE and HERE for more details) which seemed to stem from people’s attitudes, opinions and associations related to nuclear energy, I decided that was what I would be doing my survey on.

I would really appreciate it if you took the time to fill my survey if you fit the target population; the target population being:

17-35 years old and Indian resident/NRI/any resident aware of current issues in India

If you fit the criteria, here you go:


Thank you so much for taking the time to fill my survey. Happy holidays, everybody!

Tonight, I’m missing you.

The words used in our last meeting flash in my head a few months too late. I feel the desolation. The shame. The guilt. The emptiness. The absence of comfort.

Months too late. Always months too late.

I feel the pangs I never let myself feel.

I feel the neediness I never let reach me.

Tonight, I’m missing you. And all we were. 

(Because it’s true… that without you I’m nothing.)


Walk to my face
And I’m spent
From all the want

It erodes me
The lack of reason
The shiver of ambition
And worse
The sliver of hope.

Walk to my face
I don’t relent
From the taunt of
More, more

And there’s not a dent
Of the nonchalance I claim
My eyes devoid of water
It’s a shame
it’s a shame

They stare straight ahead
Chilled by the shiver of ambition
And worse
The sliver of hope.