This year

I have gotten way more than I deserve.

I have also been dragged through mud.

I know I’m a highly neurotic person.

I have regressed and cried and broken down into bits and shards of my old self.

I have not given people the attention they deserve.

I have been too preoccupied for my own good.

People have told me things that have made my day.

Words and smiles and unexpected kindness have reduced me to tears.

Kindness is always unexpected.

The universe is yet to let me down.

Every minute, I’ve been made aware of why things worked out the way they did.

Yet every minute, I wonder why.

“Confidence, Cohen” Anna tells Seth Cohen in The OC. If only.

I’m already counting down the days left for the endless stream of tests to come to an end.

I know I don’t want to study psychology.

I don’t know if I can do anything else yet.

But I know I owe it to the people around me who are nothing but helpful to try figure out whatever it is I want to do.

By the end of this year, I would’ve learned so much.

I’ve had fun.

I’ve also been so stressed.

You have to trust yourself before you trust people.

People are nice but it is not their duty to be nice to you. They have other things to do.

I can be incredibly self centered. I don’t think I can be anything else. I’ve tried.

I can’t wait for this year to end. Memories are safe and the anxiety will be gone.

Melbourne, I Love You (Already)

Dear Melbourne,

I think you are crazy awesome.

I haven’t been to Australia before but the more I hear about you, the richer and more vibrant you seem. Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley, a book I loved to bits (my review of the book can be found on my review blog HERE), brought you, the city of Melbourne, alive for me. Graffiti Moon, through the perspectives of four teens, brought out with astonishing simplicity the themes of love, laughter, beauty and growing up in this graffiti-streaked and charged city.

Masterchef Australia is another Aussie love of mine. When I heard you were where George Calombaris’ award-winning restaurant, The Press Club, was located, my heart did a mini-somersault as I salivated over the menu posted on the restaurant’s website!

While these are the main reasons why the mention of ‘Melbourne’ triggers a flash of colourful pictures that I wish would someday be transformed into memories… second-hand information, casual remarks and wistful googling gave me a trillion other reasons why I’d love to be in your midst some day. For one,

I think street art is an amazing form of creative expression and you, Melbourne, are the street art capital of the world!


From Graffiti Alley to the City Lights Gallery Project, I would have a blast wandering through alleyways illuminated with colour and creativity. It’s such a wonderful way of displaying art- whether to spread awareness or inspire another.

The Travellers is an awe-spiring pedestrian bridge that’s another absolutely brilliant work of art!

I live to eat and you, Melbourne, seem to have the cutest cafes and foodie haunts.

The Breakfast Club

From the fancy The Press Club and Fenix to the quirky eighties-classic The Breakfast Club-inspired The Breakfast Club and the cafe culture, I’d be sure to put on more than a few kilograms sampling all the cutesy eateries! I’d also love to go to the Chocolate Apple Factory! The thought of fresh apples dipped in chocolate makes me ravenous.

You’re a Bookie Paradise. I’m convinced it doesn’t get better than Federation Square Book Market!

It. Cannot. Get. Better. Than. That. FSM sounds like book heaven! I also love that you are cluttered with different kinds of bookstores from chain stores to The Paperback Bookshop and second hand bookstores like Carlton Secondhand Books. I’d especially have a great time splurging on books by Australian authors of Young Adult (YA) books I’ve been longing to read like Preloved by Shirley Marr.

I’d love to explore, experience and discover more about your culture and history- which most definitely warrants trips to Sovereign Hill, Ocean Road, Williamstown Craft Market and the Melbourne Museum.

Sovereign Hill

I would get lost in the gold diggings and historic buildings found in Sovereign Hill, an open air museum. The various exhibits, shops and even the children of that era recreated; that sounds fascinating. Driving by Ocean Road would be sure to make an impact, given its history. The Aboriginal Culture Center and the Mind Exhibit of the Melbourne Museum is also something I hope I get to see soon.

Old Melbourne Gael Crime and Justice Experience sounds like another worthwhile experience. The past, present and future of crime in Australia- who wouldn’t be curious?

But most of all, I’d be sure to go on Skydeck 88; feeling one with the universe as the city looms below me.

You, Melbourne, are sure to fulfill my most random wishes and dreams, with the trampoline parks, indoor rock climbing haven and your very own pop culture megastore!

Bounce Inc Trampoline Park sounds out-of-this-world amazing! The kid in me would have such a blast jumping up and down with glee! Hardrock Climbing, an indoor rock climbing place, also sounds like great fun. But Minotaur, an online pop culture megastore sounds truly fabulous. I’m such a merchandise person- especially since the books and movies I love tend to become a major part of who I am!

I’m not that much of a cricket fan (though my the rest of my family’s cricket craze makes up for it), so I guess it’s the books, food and art that truly draws me to you. I’d love to meet a kangaroo or two along the way as well.

The graffiti’d walls. Amazing cafes. Weekly book market. Tall ships, contemporary art and echoes of its history; all seen as an amalgam of brilliant and achingly beautiful hues that screams, “…it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!”. Melbourne, I love you (already).

I hope to visit you soon.


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