the summer around me

My bed: Sometimes well-made but only by chucking my blanket in the nearest cupboard. Usually, my pair of red spectacles (the comfy, spare pair) is wedged under my pillow. There are always creases. In the bed next to it, there are books I chucked there after reading while I was drifting off to sleep at 1AM. Right now, there is Torn by Amanda Hocking and Anne of Avonlea by LM Montgomery.

My desk: Books piled up over exam week. It stayed that way the first few weeks of the summer as I left the house early for my summer internship. I’d come back, exhausted and unable to think and the books would remain in the pile; one on top of the other. Question papers, circulars, to-do lists were “lost” in the pile of way too many things. It was finally sorted and clean mid-May but books are starting to pile up again.

My phone: Just enough charge to last half an hour. My Drafts are full of to-do lists and dates as I forget dates if I don’t make note of them. My Sent is full of messages that lack punctuation. I hate RECEIVING such messages but somehow, I’ve become one of those people who’s too lazy to punctuate while texting. I even say ‘K’. And sometimes forget to reply.

My computer: Always on. And I love my review blog.

Cups: Always empty though there may have been a glass half full just a minute back.

My notebooks: The same… untouched.

The air: HOT. Sluggish. Restless. Relaxed then confused. Confused then carefree.

This is the summer around me.