friday reminiscences

“Once upon a time there lived a girl. She slept in a lovely little cottage made of gingerbread and candy. She was always asleep. One morning she woke up, and the candy had mold on it. Her father blew her a kiss and the house fell down. She realized she was lost. She found herself walking down a crowded street, but the people were made of paper, like paper dolls. She blew everyone a kiss goodbye, and watched as they blew away.”

“Once upon a time there was a girl.
She lived in a house of gingerbread and candy.
One day she woke up.
She woke up.”

-*A FABLE (written by Angela Chase, in My So-Called Life)

I miss My So-Called Life. If only we’d got to watch Angela grow up with us! I remember the episode featuring the piece A Fable (written by the character) making quite an impact on me.



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