happy new year.

I was tired today. Work has been piling up, and it’s too late to do anything about it. So I do nothing. And I’m bored. It’s okay, I have the company of the hoard.

Nothing good is on TV. Even the New Year specials have gone down in quality. There’s nothing much to say. The thought of work, and the mental planning, mentally thinking of excuses- it’s exhaustingly tiresome. It’s bland. It’s sad. I can ask the relevant questions and walk out of it. I’m not that far behind. But I can’t text till the 2nd of January, when texting’s free again.

I’m scared there will be reasons even after then. Reasons to procrastinate. Reasons to stop caring till I slip- and lose everything again.

But my mind’s zombified. I walk in straight lines. Aimlessly. There’s nothing to say, but people say a lot.

They smile. They giggle. They hug. They say, Happy new year.

I smile, I giggle, hug them back and wish them the same.


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