I spent today doing nothing. I lazed around, ate home-cooked pasta, texted my school friends and read a bit of The Bell Jar (the book I’m currently reading). When my mobile phone rang, and it was an automated call from my phone company, I’d actually feel relief. When I recieved a text, and it was something lame, like a Forward or if it was once again, from my Phone Company… I’d just smile, and feel even better.

Thursday was one of those perfect days when I found out I’d got decent MidSem scores, won two prizes in a paper presentation and a collage, met up with school friends, and actually had fun in college. Friday was a holiday, and it’s the weekend now. I feel content to sit by myself and read and read and read. I feel so stable, so pleasant and like I’m at Equilibrium.

I don’t particularly want to have a half hour phone conversation or text someone I haven’t texted in ages. I don’t need to go out somewhere and freak out. I do need to get started on the backlog of homework, but I’ll be immune to its aftereffects till Sunday…

Till then, I want to be undisturbed, in this weird, serene, calm, half-lazy yet half-awesome state. I do not want anything to disturb the balance.



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