the summer

The summer of ’10 was the kind of summer that makes you conscious and yet unconscious of every moment that passes by. It was the summer before college. The summer after school. The in-between. The months where nothing mattered and yet everything did. From college applications to lazing around and reading and watching movies and spending so much money eating out in the same cheapass place. From Queensland (the amusement park, not the place in Australia) to small and huge reunions and texting and watching TV and doing all of the above at once.

Spending afternoons at Oxford Bookstore reading comics you didn’t plan to buy, meeting people you’d last seen and heard of years ago, and Movie Premieres and unplanned sleepovers you just ended up in without a toothbrush or change of clothes (and you remember the you in seventh standard, the miniature version of you who meticulously packed and overpacked for sleepovers: the bulging bag that contained soap, paste, toothbrush, change of clothes, pyjamas). It was the kind of summer that was easy to take for granted until college came along.

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