I go for driving class everyday. I’m supposed to get there by 7.30AM but I’m usually there only at eight. I’m a natural at underachievement and showing no enthusiasm at anything whatsoever. I signed up for driving because I thought it would be cool to be able to drive to college (once I am allowed to get my license, that is (November 16th 2010)), but I found the third gear scary and just couldn’t drive in this long stretch without swerving left and right all unneccessarily like a bad game of Juiced (can you see the sparks fly as the car hits the edges of the sidewalk?).

Y feared the world would end and the Chennai population wouldn’t be safe and X was all, “You’re gonna drive? Hahaha.” My hand-eye, leg-eye, leg-hand coordination is just- hahaha. We’ll leave it at that.

Surprisingly, driving classes were okay and the passersby were safe. But I was too scared and wary of the traffic and cars nearby and drove so so slowly.

Today, though, for some reason, I felt this urge to drive. I wasn’t part-dreaming about going home and checking out the first page of the  MetroPlus or whatever I had planned for the afternoon or anything. I was itching to start the engine and hit the accelerator even before the driving instructor got there.

Without the fear and with this strange desire to just drive, and not hoping the next half an hour got over before I knew it, the next half an hour did fly. Bridges, the morning air, the dumpsters, Cute guy in uniform (wasn’t school over? Why did he have school?) running across the road, the gray-blue-ness of the morning sky, the cars honking and autos whistling past the bumpy road… Speed morphed these things into nothing more than flashes which I savoured.

There’s nothing nicer than going for a morning drive.


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