day before the birthday.

the confusion, the blur, fear, hope, the fear of hoping, the weight of being carried, sand, the dampness, the ocean, being dunked, the laughter, the detachment, the wonder infused with the consciousness, laughing it off as the thought process was at a standstill for once as the moment was there.. under my control, and enjoying it was in my hands, the log, the rain, the thunder, the umbrella, walking, talking, laughing in the rain, the ride, the journey, the arrival, the pictures, the hugs, the determined over-the-topness, the departure, shivering as it rained, on the motorbike, the chattering teeth and the shaking hands, getting back home, glowing, with the formation of a memory I will always look back on fondly, and no one can take it away from me, and that’s enough, because it’s all I’ve ever wanted, beyond things and opinions, for this can never be taken away from me.



  1. Hello!!! So glad to see more of your writing. I like today’s very much. Probably because you had such a nice time, but also because it is strong visual writing. Come see my site!!! There’s a surprise for you. Please. 🙂

  2. Oooh! This site’s finally working for me! And thanks again. This was meant to be posted yesterday but it got held off in the Drafts. Grr. I’ll maybe post the things I wanted to say today tomorrow as today is.. horribly busy :I Will catch you tomorrow! Can’t wait to read your stuff XD

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