You remember me, don’t you? Or do you?

Do you know me better than I know me or has the distorted, mutilated image replaced everything? I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s stupid that I should pause and think about it. It’s stupid, I know.

I can see it from your perspective, or can I?

I’d always though people who burned, growled and threatened to fire back because a one or two people said things about them behind their back were just like, overreacting. Now I know it hurts. I’ve never been had people talk about me behind my back. I mean, they do, I guess. But if they have, I haven’t been told about it. Or they really haven’t.

Till today. Yes, it hurts because that person had shared nice, warm, fuzzy moments with me. Made me pour my heart out to her at times. She’d told me things as well.

I was really starting to like this person. I thought, give it a few weeks and we could be really really good friends. Turns out this person has been saying stuff about me to people I don’t even know that well. Stuff like, 1) she’s sly 2) she’s a leech (okay, she didn’t say that but what she said meant that) 3) she pretends to be dumb so that she does really really well and outsmarts people in the end.

Hello, what? I’m not that jobless.

She’s a sly, backstabbing bitch too.

You know, I shouldn’t care, because that doesn’t bother me that much. This is the first time this has happened and there is only one more month for school to end so I don’t care about her or anything. I even feel lucky coz this is the first time and obviously, you have to deal with immature shit like this at least once in a pathetic lifetime.

I see it as a hurdle I’m meant to get past.

The only things that bother me doesn’t concern her. Yes, it’s not about her. 1) Am I sly? 2) Do I act dumb to –(I can’t even complete that outrageous sentence)? 3) Do I just fend for myself? I see nothing wrong in 3) though and 1) is an extension of 3) so I don’t care about that either. I mean, like they are the brave warriors/knights who sacrifice themselves for the good of society all the time.

It’s just broken this wall of trust I had in human beings in general.


  1. Hang in there! We’ve talked briefly, but no matter what kind of person others say you are, I want to get to know you. I believe, from your writing, you are worth getting to know. I like the soul I see in your writing.

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