dreams are pretty weird things, aren’t they?

it’s filled with so much crap you’re like what?! and obviously, they’re never full of stuff you want to happen. even more fucked up than reality in a way. the minute, stupid stuff you thought about or mentioned in passing some how worms its way in and the crappiest fear of all gains the center of attention. the cute, amazing things that make you smile? no, of course they’re not in. they’re not weird enough.

i’ve been puzzling over the dreams i’ve been getting a lot lately as the psychology student in me wonders if freud was on to something and it does indeed mean something. but the only way to describe them is random.

but in some ways, maybe it makes a lot of sense. maybe it’s life personified. maybe it’s one way to sum up everything – a messed up, overlooked blur. i can’t help but think of panic!at the disco at this moment.



  1. I remember when I was first introduced to Freud. A psych. major myself, he threw me for a loop – especially when we were assigned to keep a dream journal…I found it not too long ago and MUCH of what I was dreaming about was – in its own twisted way – issues going on in real life at the time…my way of “coping” I suppose…

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